You can choose an OpenLearn course from a wide range of subjects. Some are based on Open University course materials. Others are written specifically for OpenLearn and there are over 1000 courses to choose from.  The language courses (from beginner to advanced) are particularly good! -OpenLearn

Books and more books!

Goodreads recommends these as an escape from the current situation - GoodReads


We also have loads of books you can borrow (indefinitely) in Carlton Village Hall, our Volunteers can deliver for you so contact us - call 07562 267815 or email

Things to do with the children: 

Harry Potter at Home - Harry Potter

FA Football Learning Channe - FA Football

Forest “school type” activities - RSPB Fun & Learning


Virtual Days Out:

Plan a virtual day out - over 60 Virtual Tours and Trips to take you around the world and back.



Yoga: Natalie Atherton is a local yoga teacher who usually teaches in Carlton, Drax and Barlow. @LuminateMassageandYoga on Facebook is now offering classes online via 'Zoom for Cloud Meetings'. All you need to do is download the Zoom app on your phone/tablet/laptop and you’ll receive a link to the classes each week. These classes are “Pay what you can”, as Natalie knows these are difficult times for some, and would like to help as many people as possible that want a little dose of yoga in their lives.

Class times are:

Monday               6.30pm - 7.30pm

Tuesday               9.30am - 10.30am

Wednesday         6pm - 7pm

Spiritual Resources: 


This site is coordinated in partnership with local churches. Online resources locally include:


Carlton Church website Carlton Church and Facebook @carltonparishchurch

Drax Church website Drax Church and Facebook @draxchurch

Carlton and Camblesforth Methodist Church is part of the Goole circuit, and resources are made available here - Goole and Selby Methodist Church.

The Roman Catholic Parish of St Mary’s Carlton and Selby - St Mary's Carlton and the Diocese of Leeds provides online Mass - Diocese of Leeds.

Useful sites for praying at home:


Methodist church services, resources - 

Methodist Church Services

Daily prayer with the Church of England -Church of England Daily Prayer

What is prayer? Explore with the Archbishop of Canterbury - Archbishop of Canterbury

Bible Gateway has an interactive bible study site, with different translations, bible study programmes, and two apps, one for reading the bible, and one for listening to it on audio -Bible Gateway

Resource from 24/7 movement accessible and simple - Daily Devotional

Reflective prayer and ‘Lectio Divina’ resources to ‘go deep’ - Pray-As-You-Go


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