Mike Jordan - How my days tend to go...!

Firstly I am a great believer in getting some sort of routine going so when this lockdown descended I had already got some jobs lined up for the summer - little did I know they would be starting sooner. As a councillor, I am also aware of the people least able to do anything and so I have made sure part of my day is devoted to helping when I can. The flooding had barely stopped when we entered this new phase, so when the Curate Becky called us to 'arms' I offered to help 'Buddy up' in the areas that had been flooded or threatened. So I have 4 homes to look after for prescriptions and food shopping and it is going well.


Up, breakfast, check council emails then attend to projects the rest of the morning in the home. In the afternoon its cycling, council emails, sorting tea and catching up with family and friends. Now the bit in the morning, attending to projects, gets put to one side if I get a phone call to help out with a collection. This for me is actually of benefit, because as someone who enjoys driving and restores old cars for a hobby, this allows me to get the car out!!

And there have been some interesting observations in all this. A parish cllr does food preparation in Odddfellows for those vulnerable ones in the community. The batter for the fish is supplied by Frying Nemo. The butchers at Snaith have got it 'cracked' , massive variety, simple system for social distancing and excellent fare to boot!!! The doctors' surgery at Snaith seems to open all hours and staff there and at the Beechtree Surgery in Carlton are very helpful with a system in place for allowing folk to pick up others prescriptions. One of the other things I do is give them a ring once a week if I have not had to do anything for them, one couple in particular value this as their family are all in Bradford and their 'children' are in their 60s!!!!

So it's onwards and upwards. Not sure when this will end and I think caution is the name of the game. If you are able to cope with things as they are then continue with that for now and see how it all 'pans out'. Stay safe.

Mike Jordan Cllr South Selby

Tel 01977 683766 Mob 07975 695269

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